Sensitive skin


External factors often cause redness and irritation of sensitive skin. That is why it needs special care and attention. How do we know that our skin is sensitive? The most obvious signs are the shallow vascularization and “spider veins”.

It is often mistaken with dry skin, as it produces little sebum. It concerns people of all ages and is quite difficult to care for as it is allergic to the majority of cosmetics, especially to those with strong fragrance or color. The allergic reaction often occurs as itching, tingling and burning. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant allergic symptoms,  people with sensitive skin should not change cosmetics too often or use them in excess.

Sensitive skin requires hypoallergenic washing detergents, which were dermatologically pre-tested. Unfortunately, the problem of sensitive skin often concerns children, whose skin is hardly resistant to any irritant factors. Baby’s skin, especially in infancy period, is very sensitive, and the same, permeable to external factors. That is why, inadequate choice of washing detergents can cause redness and pruritus. Consequently, children may be irritated or even lose appetite.

Triumf offers all-natural washing nuts, which are safe for your and your child’s skin.

Triumf nuts is an excellent product to wash children’s clothes and linen, and people with allergy-prone skin, sensitive to chemical detergents .

Washing, degreasing and bactericidal properties of washing nuts are thanks to SAPONIN,  contained in the shells. Upon contact with water, the saponin varies into washing, unscented foam. Triumf washing nuts is a 100% natural product.  See how it’s easy to have healthy skin and to be EKO.

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