The quality policy


The main goal of Triumf brand is manufacturing the highest-quality products that meet the needs and requirements of its consumers and selling them at affordable prices.

Triumf continually cares about the quality standards:

First, Triumf focuses on quality. Therefore, all manufacturing processes of products labelled with Triumf brand are assigned to the best factories of Western Europe. Those plants have all the necessary certificates to manage the production processes at the highest level, as well as the recognition of the chemical industry.

The commitment to quality, which is a domain of Triumph brand, is also reflected in constant improvement of its products. It is a separate and complex process, based on constant study of consumers’ satisfaction and tracking market trends.

Second, Triumf focuses on development. Therefore, basing on marketing research and market trends, it constantly expands the range of products. It also place a special emphasis on the implementation of various kinds of innovation.

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polityka-jakosci-rodzinkaThird, Triumf focuses on safety. Therefore, it assigns manufacturing of its products to the best factories in chemical industry. They care about the safety of production, among others, through optimized processes directed at preventing all kinds of manufacturing mistakes. Those industries meet all the European standards.

polityka-jakosci-znaczekProducts labelled Triumph brand are safe and dermatologically tested. Therefore they are also suitable for children as well as people with allergies and skin problems.

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