About Triumf


TRIUMF is a German brand which values are ​based on more than 20-year history.

Triumf is a brand with a mission that rapidly develops on Polish market, gaining trust and recognition
of its consumers.

Triumf is a brand that cares about the high quality of its products.

Triumf is a brand that offers high-quality products at affordable prices.


“Producing high-quality products that would meet the needs and requirements of our customers
and offering them at affordable prices.”

gtg-hansaA manufacturer of Triumf products is a German firm GTG Hansa GmbH, that extensively cooperates with world leaders of chemical industry.

poznaj-triumf-znaczekTriumf reflects the need of social responsibility combined with the special attention to the quality of
products. The brand also puts special emphasis on the country of origin of their products.

The concentrated laundry detergents sold under the brand Triumf are produced in Germany. This is
a German quality and performance at a very attractive price.

The fragrance pearls, Triumf, are produced in Italy and are the blend of the best and carefully selected fragrances with a touch of the sun of Italy.

The washing nuts is a product straight from Nepal. It is 100% natural and biodegradable.

The complex product management from the scratch is the domain of the best brands in the world.
Triumf fairly aspire to such brands. Therefore, more and more consumers perceive Triumph as credible and trusted brand.

Triumph of quality over price!


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